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United Robotics Group, founded by Thomas Hähn in 2020, unites eight service robotics companies into a unique ecosystem by bundling hardware and software expertise under one roof. Over 500 employees and 30 nationalities work at the company. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, and with offices in France, Spain and the United States, United Robotics Group brings together cutting-edge technology and robotic experts from both the social and industrial world. United Robotics Group shares the common ambition to empower humanity with technology, and lighten processes for humans, helping them focus on human interactions in a safe and secure environment. As the CobiotX company who created this third generation of robotics – robots for humans, the United Robotics Group is committed to developing standardized and customized solutions to meet social and business challenges in the life science, health and care, hospitality, education, intralogistics, maintenance and surveillance sectors with quality, data protection and sustainability as key driving forces. All planning humans in the center of all. RSBG SE, the investment entity of RAG-Stiftung, focused on technology and engineering driven companies is majority shareholder of United Robotics Group. SoftBank Robotics Group is minority shareholder of United Robotics Group. 

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